Commission Reservation

Commission Reservation


Purchasing this listing will reserve your commission.

Please note: The artist retains the right to cancel any commission reservation that is not in line with her artistic vision and style. In such a case, the reservation fee would be refunded.

Is there a place that is special to you, perhaps a honeymoon location or memorable vacation spot? Are there flowers that hold deep meaning? Do you have a room that needs a certain burst of color? Jess Franks is excited to finally offer commissioned paintings for her collectors, creating custom pieces in her own unique, slightly abstracted style. This first offering will be limited in number, though Jess hopes to offer more commission reservations in the coming months.

Are you ready to commission a painting by Jess Franks? Please carefully read the entire description below before purchasing a reservation. Jess looks forward to working with you to create your one-of-a-kind painting!


1. Purchase the commission reservation listing below, for $400. This holds your spot on Jess's calendar.

2. Email the following to


Size painting and orientation (horizontal, vertical, square).

Provide 1-3 reference photos of what you would like to have painted, if you have them. 

Provide links to your favorite 2-5 Jess Franks paintings that you would like your piece to be inspired by.

Provide other thoughts on what you are hoping from your commission. Please elaborate as much as necessary, as this information is critical to a successful commission.

Colors you love:

Colors you want to avoid (this can be left blank though!): 

Specify whether or not this piece can be shown on Instagram.

3. Sign commission contract that Jess sends by email, and pay price of commission, listed below (commission price is in addition to the reservation price). Once the commission agreement is signed and paid for, there are no refunds.  

4. Painting commences, typically within 4-6 weeks, or agreed upon time period. Painting is usually completed within 1 week of beginning.

5. Jess emails update photos approximately halfway through. Upon completion of the painting, Jess will send a final photo, and collector gives approval or minor edits. Any extensive edits (as judged extensive by the artist) beyond that are subject to a 15% additional fee. 

6. Collector pays shipping invoice. Shipping can range anywhere from $50 to $200, plus customs fees for Canada, which are the responsibility of the collector. If shipping costs are of concern to you, please inquire ahead of time for an estimate.

7. Painting ships to collector! Woohoo!


What Jess will paint: landscapes, florals, animals, buildings

What Jess won't paint: humans, pet portraits, in a style different than her own, exact duplicates of past paintings (though she’s happy to rely heavily on them for inspiration)

Materials: Acrylic paints on gallery depth stretched canvas. Please discuss with Jess if you are looking to use a different substrate.

Countries: Commissioned paintings are only available to ship to U.S. and Canada at this time.


Prices listed do not include the $400 reservation fee. 

16x20: $450

18x24: $550

20x24: $650

18x36: $850

24x36: $1,100

30x30: $1200

36x36: $1500

30x40: $1500

All extra large paintings (below) will need special attention: They either (1) ship as rolled canvas, and collector will need to bring to their local framer to have it stretched onto bars, at collector’s additional expense, or (2) can remain fully stretched if you are able to pick it up in person.

36x48: $2000

40x60: $3000

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