Original Canvas Framing Tips

Jess usually prefers to paint on 7/8" stretched canvas and let the collector independently frame their piece in their own unique style. A local frame shop is a good option for this, as they have great selection and expertise. Designer Amy Mitchell gives a thorough run-down of the local framer advantage here: http://homeglowdesign.com/2016/10/13/myth-mega-framing-sales/


For the DIY collector looking to frame the piece themselves, there are some easy options out there:


Ready-made Frames for 7/8" canvas

These frames are super easy: just pop out the clear acrylic and pop in the canvas. Only a screwdriver is needed:




Jess has also successfully used the following online frame:


(Please note: these are suggestions. Quality and service not guaranteed by Jess Franks.)


Assemble Your Own

Many craft stores such as Michael's have a supply of "Open Back Frames." For example:



Or you may have found a great old frame in the right size at the thrift store. This is Jess's preferred source! But how do you mount your painting in such a frame? 
All it takes is a few of these offset clips:


And here's how to do it (you don't have to put the dust cover on the back as she does):



(Please note: these are suggestions. Quality and service not guaranteed by Jess Franks.)